Why Small Businesses Need Professional Accounting

21268530_1632141200170808_459014093_nDo you need professional accounting services? If you are like many small business owners, you may believe it is an excess your company cannot quite afford. This may be true in the first days of your business, but as it grows and progresses, the truth is you cannot afford not to have bookkeeping, payroll and accounting services.

Good Start

There is only so far the do it yourself method will allow you to grow, and it does not take much growth to be beyond the limits of popular software programs. By utilising the services of a good accounting or bookkeeping firm, you set the right foundation for future growth. An accounting professional can examine your business structure and plans for financial growth in order to determine if you are on the right fiscal path, and give adjustment advice if you are not.

Avoiding Failure

There is no sadder statistic than the one that states most businesses will fail in the first five years. Of course, there are many reasons this can happen but one big problem is an inefficient budget. When you have an accountant going over the books, they can alert you early on to potential problems before they have a chance to sink your entire business.


Employees mean payroll, taxes and a myriad of other related financial issues. Whether you employee one or ten, offer company employment or utilise contract labor, you will have a payroll to meet, taxes to withhold and tax papers to provide. A skilled bookkeeping professional takes all the headache out of the process and ensures it is accurate as well as timely.

What You Do not Know

Are you sure your employees are correctly classified? Do you have any idea what an auditor looks for? How familiar are you with the tax code, both locally and nationally? When it comes to running a successful small business, what you do not know can definitely hurt you!

Final Thoughts

Whether you own a well established small business or you are just getting your feet wet, do not overlook the importance of a good accountant. You have enough to worry about without struggling with accounts, payroll and budgets as well as value added taxes (VATS, if applicable)

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